15 Giugno 2024
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Instructions for payment with credit card

You have just completed an order on the website and are viewing the order completion page.
You have chosen "Credit Card on Stripe" as the payment method.
On the page there is a text in red:

CAUTION: To complete the order, make the payment.

Then click on the "CONTINUE" button to proceed with the payment of your order.
The next page is the portal to make payment with credit card.
The amount of the order and the reason for the payment, i.e. the order number, were automatically sent to the credit card payment portal.

Fill in the fields with the following data:
  • the name of the cardholder;
  • the card number;
  • the month (MM) and year (YY) of expiry of the card;
  • the CVC code, i.e. the 3 numerical digits found on the back of the card.
After filling in all the data, click on the "Make the payment" button to continue.

If the transaction is successful, the message "Payment was successfully sent" will be displayed.
Click on the "Back" link to return to the website.

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